Case Studies / ThruDark

WooCommerce migration and a concept-rich design concept for the celebrity endorsed outerwear brand ThruDark.

High-performance outerwear brand ThruDark was created by Louis Tinsley and Anthony “Staz” Stazicker, who met in the line of duty.

Having served in the military for 14 years and endured some of the world’s most arduous environments, the pair couldn’t be better experienced to design the best clothing and equipment for demanding circumstances.

ThruDark offers products for a broad spectrum of climates from freezing tundra, humid jungles, to searing deserts. All garments are manufactured to the highest standards using world-leading fabrics.

The brand came to By Association Only to improve the UX and performance of its site as well as create an immersive user experience that mirrors the elite craftsmanship and technicality of its products.

Conversion rate optimisation

ERP integrations

Strategic loyalty programme

Internationalisation in new markets

UX improvements

New store features & enhancements

Core performance reviews

Tech integrations & optimisations


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LoyaltyLion supports ecommerce growth by connecting marketing strategies. Providing meaningful customer interactions through points-based incentives and reward programmes.

In partners we trust

ThruDark run a series of parallel international stores, powered by a number of key Shopify-connected technologies and partners.


Klaviyo is a sophisticated one-stop email marketing platform that creates relevant customer experiences by listening, analysing and acting on consumer data. Delivering targeted user journeys across email and other owned channels.


Klevu’s AI and NLP-powered discovery suite includes on-site Smart Search, Smart Category Merchandising, Smart Recommendations and a Personalisation Engine, enabling ecommerce websites to deliver shopping experiences powered by real-time shopper intent.


Foursixty allows Shopify merchants to turn Instagram content and UGC into shoppable galleries and other channels, track influencers and gifting programs, secure the rights to UGC, and get advanced Instagram insights and analytics.

Next project / Bremont

Design elevation and Shopify 2.0 upgrade for Bremont, the iconic British watch brand.