By Association Only sponsors Klevu’s first Discovered festival

By Association Only sponsors Klevu’s first Discovered festival

Last week search and product discovery technology company Klevu hosted the inaugural Discovered festival at Sea Containers House in London. 

The event, which took place on Thursday 23rd March, saw nearly 200 attendees from across the ecommerce industry gather to:

  • Discover AI product discovery strategies that enhance human abilities and complement commerce goals
  • Discover how psychology and human nature influence search and discovery behaviours, and how visionaries are creating value
  • Discover what matters about the future of product discovery, privacy, personalisation, the metaverse, and more

After a busy day of inspirational talks and thought-provoking panel discussions – including one featuring By Association Only’s very own Head of Growth, George Linton – the crowd enjoyed a champagne reception before heading to an after-party at Bar Elba in Waterloo, hosted by Shopify. 

A huge thank you to Klevu for inviting By Association Only to sponsor the event, and for putting on such a fantastic day.

The audience at the Discovered conference in London

The talks

Here’s a summary of the agenda:

- AI and Discovery: What’s Now, What’s Next?: Niraj Aswani from Klevu

- A/B Testing and CRO – A Lesson from Seasalt Cornwall: Jana Lindner and LJ Hazzard from Seasalt Cornwall

Niraj Aswani from Klevu

- Unlocking the Potential of Personalisation: Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine, David Mannheim from Made with Intent, Rasmus Houlind author of Hello $FirstName and Gianfranco Cuzziol from Avon International

- Discovering New Markets – Iris Schiefer from Bigcommerce, Gavin Williams from Creed, Diego Fria from Stussy and Josh Duggen from Vervaunt

- Customer Service Starts at the Digital Experience: Jo Causon from Institute of Customer Service

Nilay Oza from Klevu

- Stories from the Front Line: Three Different Perspectives: Janis Thomas  from Look Fabulous Forever, Mark Hammond from Heal’s and Yuvraj Singh from EPAM

- Accelerating composable commerce: Lee Longhurst from La Perla, Alex De Fusto from BigCommerce

- OpenAI in Action: Search & Chat: Nilay Oza from Klevu

- Importance of Relevance in Search and Recommendations Usability: Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine

Claudia Ditri from Klevu, Liam Quinn from Vervaunt, Pete Robertshaw from Space 48, and George Linton from By Association Only

- Pushing the Boundaries: Gathering Requirements for Search & Discovery: George Linton from By Association Only, Pete Robertshaw from Space 48, Liam Quinn from Vervaunt

- How to build product discovery experiences lightning fast with web components: Juha-Pekka Rajaniemi from Klevu

- The Future of Discovery: Chat GPT, Open AI, Conversational Commerce: Nilay Oza from Klevu, Dom Selvon from E2X, Sophie Seaton from Underwaterpistol and Jakub Halva from Tom & Co

About Klevu

Founded in 2013, Klevu’s proprietary search and product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion, and loyalty for ecommerce websites, while reducing bounce rates.

About By Association Only

By Association Only is the Shopify Plus agency for the world’s most design-conscious luxury brands. Get in touch to discover how our team of experts can support your brand’s Shopify ambitions.

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