Shopify announces Shopify Collabs app

Shopify announces Shopify Collabs app

Ecommerce platform Shopify has launched an app that offers merchants a platform to build and manage a community of creators to help drive sales

As of yesterday merchants can download the Shopify Collabs app and search its database of millions of creators to promote products to their audiences. Here’s the lowdown…

What is Shopify Collabs?

Simply put, the Shopify Collabs app is a database of influencers who are willing to promote your products to their audiences. 

“Shopify is playing match-maker for merchants and​ creators,” says Shopify’s President Harley Finkelstein

“66 per cent of brands say they spent more on creator-driven marketing in the past year and 50 per cent plan to go as far as to develop co-branded products with creators in 2022.” 

“But how do brands find creators with the right audience that align with their brand? Shopify Collabs makes it easy to find and manage creators right where you manage your business. It acts as a new sales and marketing channel to reach high-impact audiences.”

How do I find collaborators on the app?

Having downloaded and installed Shopify Collabs, merchants can search through its database of creators and find those which align with their brand. Merchants then invite the influencers of their choice to apply for their company’s affiliate programme. 

Creators can also apply directly to be part of a merchant’s programme on the company page.

How does tracking and payment work?

There are numerous ways of working with collaborators through the app:

  1. Gift tracking and fulfillment: Merchants can send creators products and discounts directly from their Shopify store – creators can choose their size, colour and so on through the app. By sending creators samples and discounts, they can bring your product to life using unique narratives
  2. Affiliate links and codes: By sharing referral links and custom discount codes with collaborators merchants can keep track on who and what is driving sales – track and pay commissions through PayPal and keep an eye on what’s driving sales through the app’s analytics tool

What are the benefits to merchants of Shopify Collabs?

The main benefit to merchants of working with creators is reaching new, highly engaged audiences who trust the information they are being given by the influencer – including which brands they use.

And, by choosing an influencer who aligns with your brand values, you’re already cutting through the noise and targeting a niche audience – the creator already has your target audience’s attention making any leads they generate important ones.

Being able to track where sales are coming from within the app is also a huge benefit. You can easily see who and what is working for your brand. Plus, compared to other forms of advertising, influencer marketing is quite affordable and can save on other resources, such as designers and copy writers.

Which industries should take advantage of the Shopify Collabs app?

So long as creators are able to tell a story about your product you can promote it through the app. 

That said, visual industries that focus on appearance – fashion, jewellery, accessories and cosmetics for example – are arguably most suited to influencer marketing as their products are easier to demonstrate and gifts and samples are smaller to post to the creators. Food and beverage, technology and travel brands also do well.

Are there any restrictions?

The Shopify Collabs app is available for all merchants on Shopify regardless of their location – however the app is currently only available in English.

It’s a slightly different story for creators though; Collabs Admin is only available for North American creators at the moment – creators outside of that area have to sign up to a waiting list to show their interest.

When is it available?

Now! For more information on Shopify Collabs, visit the Shopify help centre.

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