YouTube and Shopify announce shopping integration

YouTube and Shopify announce shopping integration

Ecommerce platform Shopify and online video streaming service YouTube have partnered to launch a destination for live shoppable content

From this week, YouTube’s explore tab will feature shoppable content for viewers in the United States, Brazil and India, with additional countries to roll out later this year.

Called YouTube Shopping, the feature will allow merchants and content creators to promote products across their YouTube channels by linking their Shopify store with YouTube.

Consumers in the US will also be able to checkout on site, meaning they can complete purchases without leaving the platform.

How does YouTube Shopping work?

There are three ways products can be sold:

  1. Livestreams: Merchants can tag and pin products at key points during a livestream. Picture-in-picture playback means consumers can watch while they check out
  2. Videos: Merchants can show a curated list of products in a product shelf below on-demand videos
  3. Store tab: A new tab will be added to a merchant’s YouTube channel featuring its entire selection of products

Because Shopify acts as the merchant’s retail operating system, product details including names, images, pricing and shipping are kept up-to-date across channels. And if a product sells out, it’s automatically removed from YouTube.

Merchants can also track the performance of live and on-demand videos directly from their Shopify admin, with a full view of multichannel sales. 

What are the benefits to merchants of YouTube Shopping?

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube provides a massive stage on which to connect with consumers in a meaningful and engaging way.

A study run by YouTube, Publicis and TalkShoppe, shows that 89 per cent of viewers trust the recommendations given to them by YouTube creators – and it’s this trust that helps inform what viewers buy.

Plus you’re in good company – this year YouTube made live events such as Coachella music festival and Paulistão football tournament completely shoppable for viewers. 

The video streaming platform also hosted a product launch for major makeup brand Glossier.

Which industries should take advantage of the YouTube Shopping integration?

There is no limit to the type of product that can be sold through YouTube Shopping  – so long as it can be filmed and doesn’t breach Shopify’s Terms of Use it can be featured. Like all video content though, yours will perform best if it’s engaging and informative. 

Consider why your audience is watching the video in the first place – do they enjoy watching your chosen presenter? Are they keen to find out more about your brand? Do they want to see exclusive content from behind the scenes at your design studio or follow you on a sourcing trip? Perhaps they are excited to see how your product actually works. Find out what your audience are interested in and cater to it.

Where is the YouTube Partner Programme available?

See the full list of eligible countries here.

How do merchants link their Shopify stores with YouTube?

First off, see if you’re eligible to become a partner. Requirements for your channel include: 

  • Being based in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available
  • Being approved for monetisation 
  • Having more than 1,000 subscribers or being an Official Artist Channel
  • Channel audience not set as Made for Kids
  • Not having a significant number of videos set as Made for Kids
  • Not having a significant number of videos that violate YouTube’s Channel Monetisation Policies
  • Having not received any Hate Speech Community Guideline Strikes

If your brand’s channel meets all of the above, learn how to upload your Shopify store to YouTube here.

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